Breast Cancer Psychotherapy

I offer individual, couples and group therapy for clients who have breast cancer, both those who are currently in treatment as well as those who have completed treatment.


As a breast cancer survivor and former caregiver for a loved one who died from the illness, I work from an informed perspective of how each phase (diagnosis, treatment and post treatment) may impact the emotional, physical and spiritual well being of the individual and their loved ones.


My intention is to help people come to a place of deep acceptance of their diagnosis so that they can access the resiliency necessary to fight it, while at the same time offering the space for them to grieve the unavoidable changes and challenges it brings to their lives.


The following link is to an article that describes using psychotherapy to assist cancer patients.  While the style of writing is very clinical, it does have some useful information that you may wish to read.



Early Onset Breast Cancer Psychotherapy Group~ A group for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 50. These patients have their own unique set of challenges in facing cancer, including: having a life threatening illness when peers are building their future; struggling with the impact on fertility, sexuality, and/or raising children; fear of recurrence.  This group intends to offer participants the opportunity to discuss their experience, receive and give support to their fellow group members.  Experiential and didactic information will be provided to further deepen the experience.