Feeling betrayed by the body

Feeling betrayed by the body is something that most cancer patients have experienced at one point or another in their journey. For it grows so silently until something makes us aware of it’s presence. My initial suspicion stemmed from dreaming that I had breast cancer, and then I found the lump. While I often wondered if I would get cancer because of my family history, it was still a shocking discovery to find. In between the time that I had the dream and went to the doctor, it grew to a noticeable lump when I would look at myself in the mirror.   In retrospect, once I had the official diagnosis I began to recognize that for about 6 months prior I had not been feeling quite myself- my generally unflappable energy had been waning and there had been a quality of unease inside my skin that had been persistent, even though it had not been shouting until the dream.   I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer, which is an aggressive, fast growing version of breast Read more […]

How art helps us recover from a traumatic illness or injury

The first rule of thumb is that no experience is necessary. It is easy to feel intimidated or shy about the idea of using art to process what you have been through, often we have old baggage about being criticized or misunderstood about our inherent creative nature. Yet, while some of the work you produce processing through art may be exceptional or lead to an art piece that you wish to display, the raw processing of trauma is generally not intended to be a masterpiece. Process art is a form of communication, it is your inner self externally sharing something of personal value and meaning on paper. It may represent a thought, feeling, or belief that you have inside, or perhaps the process art will be a form of meditation that allows you to be more present as you sift through memories, thoughts, and feelings.   When we have been through a traumatic experience, it impacts our body, mind, spirit and sense of self on a number of levels. Being diagnosed with a life threatening illness Read more […]