“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago” ~ Nietzsche

Currently I am reading Irvin Yalom’s book “Staring at the Sun, Overcoming the Terror of Death”. In the book, Yalom describes how frequently our overt and covert fears surrounding death influence how we experience our lives. I was struck by the quote from Nietzsche, as it does encapsulate an important reason why we seek out psychotherapy. Often this need manifests at a time of transition, major life change or loss. Revisiting ideas, behaviors, and beliefs that one has conquered before can be frustrating, as we often wish they would remain in the past rather than influence our present. I have often noted that when this occurs, we may feel like we are repeating our developmental stages; for example, responding in a manner that expresses the helplessness we may have felt as a small child or rebelling as teen to try and establish autonomy. Feeling vulnerable can shed light onto the shadow aspects of self, those parts of ourself which we have rejected and pushed aside. What is in Read more […]